Colorado Bar Association

Colorado Bar Association/CLE Waterlaw 201 Program

Scott Miller will be speaking on a panel as part of the Colorado Bar Association/CLE Waterlaw 201 program on Friday, May 18, 2018.

The title of Mr. Miller’s panel is “St. Jude’s: Is the Patron Saint of Desperate Cases and Lost Causes Listening?”

The panel will discuss the primary holding and controversial aspects of the Colorado Supreme Court’s 2015 opinion in St. Jude’s Co. v Roaring Fork Club, 351 P.3d 442 (Colo 2015), the unsuccessful 2016 effort to legislatively “correct” the opinion, and the partially successful 2017 effort to legislatively “clarify” the opinion.

The panel is moderated by Peter Fleming, General Counsel, Colorado RiverDistrict

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