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For over 30 years, PMN/Waterlaw has been a leading water rights law firm providing innovative solutions to our numerous and diverse clients who depend on water. We understand the critical need for water in various industries, including agriculture, municipal water, resort development, and various businesses, and we have expertise in litigation as well as out of court negotiation in order to find the best and most cost effective solutions for our client’s water related needs. When looking for a water lawyer it’s important to hire a water attorney and firm which only practices in the water field.

Water For Resorts

Water For Resorts

Our firm obtains water resources and water quality permitting for ski area development, including snowmaking supplies...
Water for energy

Water For Energy

Our firm is active in the representation of energy clients in the hydraulic fracturing field developing water supplies, delivery transactions...
Water Resource Development Practice

Water Resource

This practice area involves the identification, analysis and implementation of a water resource plan to meet the clients’ anticipated needs....
Regional Water Law

Municipal Water

Water development planning for the primary water development entity in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex, to meet the demands...


Kevin Patrick was a speaker at the International Bar Association Conference in Washington, DC on September 20th. The panel included the ex-President of Bolivia and representatives from Asia and Europe focused on “Water Wars” – The Next Driver of Global Conflict. The session explored the economic, security, and legal consequences of long-term regional water scarcity. Other speakers included General Colin Powell (ret.), U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, and FBI Director Robert Mueller III. More

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