Our firm has broad experience in Clean Water Act Sec. 404 (wetlands) permitting and the creation and development of wetland mitigation sites. In arid locales, our unique expertise in wetland permitting coupled with its experience in the development of water resources and water rights enables us to provide assured water supplies for mitigation sites and wetland banks coincident with permitting. This enables the client to expedite an often-laborious process with resulting savings in time and finances.


We are experienced in obtaining site location permitting for new facilities and expanding water and wastewater treatment facilities. In addition, a thorough knowledge of the Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water Act laws enables the client to have all of its water and wastewater legal and planning issues addressed in conjunction with water resource planning.

Case Studies

  • The firm provided wetland permitting and endangered aquatic species act services to a new 1200 acre mixed-use development consisting of commercial, residential and golf uses.
  • Our firm provided wetland permitting and endangered aquatic species assistance related to a proposed new municipal raw water storage reservoir.
  • We have assisted in wetland permitting and aquatic endangered species issues related to an 800+ acre development.
  • We have recently successfully defended a state court ¬†injunctive and $100+ million challenge to permitted CWA 404 activities for a stream and aquatic ¬†enhancement project on the White River in Colorado.
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