Areas Of Practice

Our confined area of practice requires us to be versant in the physical sciences, economics of utility regulation, and resource and infrastructure planning. Our task is to integrate these facets of the practice resulting in a solution that meets the client’s schedule and objectives. Please click on the practice area below that best describes your interest:

WaterLaw: Water Quality and Wetlands Lawyers

Water Quality

We are experienced in obtaining site location permitting for new facilities and expanding water and wastewater treatment facilities....
WaterLaw: Water For Resorts

Water For Resorts

Our firm obtains water resources and water quality permitting for ski area development, including snowmaking supplies...
WaterLaw: Water for energy Production

Water For Energy

Our firm is active in the representation of energy clients in the hydraulic fracturing field developing water supplies, delivery transactions...
WaterLaw: Water Resource Development Practice

Water Resource

This practice area involves the identification, analysis and implementation of a water resource plan to meet the clients’ anticipated needs....
WaterLaw: Regional Water Law

Municipal Water

Water development planning for the primary water development entity in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex, to meet the demands...
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Water is a commodity that cannot be replaced, exhausted, or substituted. All the water that was on the planet millions of years ago remains today....