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About Our Firm

  • Patrick, Miller and Noto
    was establised in 1985 in Aspen,
  • PMN now has offices in three
  • PMN is one of the only law firms
    in the US to practice exclusively in
    the field of water rights, water
    supply planning and water resource law.
  • The firm is rated AV as a member of the
    Preeminent Bar of Martindale Hubbell.

PMN Goals

  • Maximize and protect water
    resources while reducing treatment costs.
  • Ease the burdens of infrastructure.
  • Expand and conserve our clients'
    natural and financial resources.
  • Provide the highest level of
    legal services available.

PMN's Expertise

  • water rights law
  • water resource & wastewater planning
  • water quality law
  • wetlands & aquatic endangered species
  • infrastructure planning
  • basin planning and meditation
  • privatization of resources and infrastructure
  • water transfers and marketing
  • interstate water allocation and transfer
  • general stream adjudications
  • Indian water rights

PMN's Offices

  • PMN has offices in Aspen, Basalt, Denver,
    Scottsdale and Tulsa.
  • PMN has a multi-jurisdictional
    practice with members of PKMN
    licensed in Arizona, Colorado,
    Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma
    and Texas.
  • Increasingly, PMN is often asked
    to serve firms as special counsel
    in other states and abroad.


  • PMN develops long range supplies
    and plans for water and wastewater
    providers. We understand water right
    development, infrastructure financing,
    utility rate theory, water and wastewater
    planning issues and options for
    water and wastewater utilities.
  • PMN is versant in planning and financing
    infrastructure upgrades ensuring regulatory
    compliance and growth compatible with
    land use planning goals and the financial
    means of a community.

Ski Resorts

  • Ski resorts development presents unique
    water right and water quality considerations.
  • Peak demands need to be satisfied when
    stream flows are at their lowest, requiring
    careful utility and environmental planning.
  • Ski resorts are near the top of watersheds
    in areas usually of pristine environmental
    settings, making familiarity with the political,
    environmental and utility aspects of water
    and wastewater development a necessity.
  • We have a unique understanding of demands,
    restrictions and available supplies for the
    ski industry.

Golf Courses

  • PMN has secured water supplies for many
    major golf course design firms. We fully
    understand the special water right and water
    quality demands of golf design.
  • Water right acquisition, resource structuring,
    and the creation of operating plans that are
    responsive to ambient water quality goals for
    groundwater protection are our signature traits.

Tribal Water Rights

  • PMN has extensive expertise in tribal water
    rights and federal reserved rights. We develop
    broad based solutions respecting American
    Indian history and the impacts to tribal culture
    and lands.
Clients include:
  • investors

  • real estate developers

  • ski and golf resorts

  • developers

  • industry, municipal entities

  • energy companies

Water Resource Development

  • Water resource development involves the
    identification, analysis and implementation
    of water resource plans to meet client goals.
  • We assist the land use planning team,
    engineering consultants and project finance
    team in planning and development of the
    water resources necessary for a viable
  • Water resource assessment is an essential
    requirement of any due diligence analysis
    of a project or its financing.

Utility Planning

  • PMN's experience shows that water
    planning is best approached on a long
    range and basin-wide approach.
  • Understanding the interplay between surface
    geology, groundwater hydrogeology, water
    diversion, treatment, distribution and
    wastewater collection and treatment enables
    us to establish long range planning for clients
    that few firms can match.

Energy-Water Nexus

PMN develops water supplies and provides
broad permitting expertise for:
  • Hydroelectric generation (traditional and
  • Oil and Gas E&P (hydro-fracturing supplies
    and disposal).
  • Solar (Concentrated Solar Power Steam
  • Geothermal (Hot rock exchange and liquid
  • Biomass, Bio-Fuels & Ethanol (Water supplies
    for heating, cooling and processing).

Endangered Species

  • PMN has endangered species act
    expertise throughout the consultation and
    assessment process.
  • Our expertise with the aquatic environment
    translates to a unique understanding of a
    depletion issues, mitigation planning and
    habitat conservation.


  • PMN has extensive experience in
    Section 404 wetland issues.
  • PMN offers a unique understanding of the
    interplay between Federal permitting issues
    and State water right considerations.

Water for the future

  • In the next twenty years, 117 billion U.S. Dollars
    (USD) will be spent on wastewater infrastructure
    in the United States alone.
  • Worldwide, the anticipated costs over this period
    are expected to exceed one trillion USD.
  • The singular test for world leaders and providers
    will be planning solutions for a growing water
    scarcity and demand for wastewater treatment.

Scarce Water

  • Currently half a billion people suffer from a
    scarcity of water and an estimated one billion
    suffer from unsafe drinking water supplies.
  • Two out of the world'd six billion people suffer
    from inadequate waste water infrastructure.


  • PMN is acutely skilled and positioned to assist
    in all the challenges of water rights and related
  • PMN's exclusive and concentrated expertise
    provides the edge.
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