Of Counsel
About Gary Allison:
Education :
  • University of Tulsa (J.D. 1972)
  • Columbia University (LL.M. 1976)
Concurrent Employment :
  • Vice Dean of the University of Tulsa College of Law and Professor of Law
  • Fellow of the Sustainable Energy & Resources Law Program (SERL)
  • Faculty Advisor to the Public Interest Law Society and Director of the Public Policy Certificate Program
Selected Professional Experience :
  • Admitted to practice in Oklahoma
  • Lead counsel on five State Supreme Court cases
Selected Presentations & Publications:

Democracy DeLayed: The High Court Distorts Voting Rights Principles to Thwart Partially the Texas Republican Gerrymander,” 42 Tulsa L. Rev. 605-679 (2007)

Protecting Our Nation’s Political Duopoly: The Supremes Spoil the Libertarian’s Party,” 41 Tulsa L. Rev. 291-240 (2005)

Sanctioning Sodomy: The Supreme Court Liberates Gay Sex and Limits State Power to Vindicate the Moral Sentiments of the People,” 39 Tulsa L. Rev. 95-153 (2003)

School Vouchers: The Educational Silver Bullet or an Ideological Blank Round?” 38 Tulsa L. Rev. 329-361 (2002)

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